The Garden

The establishment is located on the slopes of a hill, just right by a stream. This perfect location, amidst fields of pineapple and sugarcane, provides the right set-up for a complete break from the usual commotion of modern daily living.  Having 28,000 square feet of building area on more than 3 acres of land, the place provides ample facilities. The light mountain breeze, warm sunlight, chirping of birds and the most amazing view of the northern coastline, makes Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary a true haven to fully enjoy the benefits of our therapies and care.

The Garden includes a stroll track amidst the grass and flowers. This allows you to blend in fully with nature and connect with the soothing effects it brings to the body. The garden also slopes down to the river, allowing you to enjoy a great view on the expanse of pineapple fields.