Prepare for your optimum well being.

Our Wellness programmes offer you the chance to break away from your day to day routines and redefine your life priorities.

You will emerge from our Sanctuary with ‘Good Health’ as a priority in your life. You can choose from a variety of health enhancing activities that help you to reconnect with your mind and body.

With yoga, tai-chi, mindfulness, meditation and fitness exercises you will regain the feeling of life pulsing through your cells. With hot / cold hydrotherapies, massage and nutritionally alive foods, you will shed years of stress and feel energized and in control of your life again.

Our Wellness programme guides you to consider all aspects of your life: The way we cope with stress in our work and home life, how we exercise, what and when we eat and how well we sleep. All these aspects combine to bring our lives into wellness and harmony. When we find the right balance of these components it becomes easy to maintain a state of good health.

We offer evening talks on all aspects of lifestyle management. By the end of your stay we want you to know enough about wellness to continue following this kind of balanced lifestyle once you return home. We share simple information that you can apply right away to bring you lasting good health and help you discover the inner balance that allows you to expand towards your true potential.
Don’t get sick. Get healthy! Join us for a Wellness Programme.

Our lifestyle Programs

The health of your business depends on the health of your leaders.

Bio Energy

Bio Energy

Rebalance you energies and lifestyle

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