Sanctuary Mauritius

Sanctuary Mauritius recognised Drug, Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

Getting addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, internet or pornography is nowadays very common. Because of a fast moving society, and the difficulty to manage our life under time pressures and deadlines, we develop stress. And slowly we look for self-medication to manage this stress. A good cup of coffee, a cigarette, a drink, a whiff of powder…this search progresses until we find ourselves taking substances that we cannot stop – this is the pull of addiction. We ultimately find the drug that will act as our emotional pain killer or our magical “Energising drink”.

From the start of this search we had embarked on a losing game, we thought we had control over our habit but addiction is a game where we end up as the slave, and IT becomes the master!

In the beautiful island of Mauritius, we have designed a luxury rehab facility, Sanctuary Mauritius,- with bountiful green nature all around, fantastic panoramic views on the northern valleys and the Indian Ocean views – this is a place that infuses a sense of peace and triggers the instinct to heal. This is the place to disconnect with the world, and to reconnect with oneself.

Dr Siddick Maudarbocus, the owner and CEO, is the visionary behind this endeavour- he has put together his 35 years of experience as a doctor dealing with addition, together with his immense knowledge of complementary therapies-to create this haven of peace, and dedicated to healing  minds and souls broken by the devils of addiction.
Today international patients, including high profile individuals, fly to Mauritius to benefit from his unique approach to curing their addictions- evidence based therapies, together with a team of doctors, psychiatrist, psychologists and gifted therapists. This whole team looks into transforming your life and empowering you to craft your own beautiful future.

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