Dr Siddick Maudarbocus

Dr Siddick Maudarbocus – CEO and Clinic Director

Dr Siddick qualified as a medical doctor at Dublin University and worked for several years in the UK National Health Service.

Dr Siddick Maudarbocus, an experienced doctor who qualified in Dublin in 1981 and worked in several hospitals in Ireland and England. His thirst for knowledge concerning the various healing systems of the world has lead him to travel to a multitude of places where he learnt about complementary medicine. He was taught the ancient healing systems of Ayurvheda, auriculotherapy, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine in Sri Lanka, Singapore, China and bio-energy medicine in France, Germany. He learned ear acupuncture from the man who developed this system of healing: Dr Paul Nogier. Dr Siddick Maudarbocus has been acknowledged as one of the world’s leading specialist in this therapy by the WHO-
He was in fact specializing in what we now term as “Integrative Medicine”- blending conventional medical practice with the best of evidence based oriental therapies. After 35 years of work experience in various countries- Uk, Ireland, France, German and various regions in the Middle East, he chose the island of Mauritius to develop a unique wellness sanctuary where he has put together under one roof all these therapies.
Clients from all over the world now travel to Mauritius to combine holidays and treatments. At Les Mariannes wellness sanctuary, we offer 25 ensuite rooms plus 11 treatment rooms, and well trained doctors and therapists who will treat you as a whole person and help you to recover your health. We offer a vast range of therapies –Ayurveda, acupuncture, physiotherapy, nutritional medicine, psychological counseling, massage therapies, hot/cold water therapies, yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Our Philosophy
To understand why we proceed to healing as such and to understand our philosophy, we  need first  to tackle the question of “what is sickness?’
For us at Les Mariannes, the answer is simple- we get sick when blockages happen in our system, and nature can no longer do its healing, cleansing and correcting homeostatic work.
The role of the physician is to remove these blockages so as to allow a state of good health will flow in naturally, effortlessly.

So What are these blockages?

They occur at all 3 levels of man- mind, body and spirit.
The human mind is a complex functioning system which is very strong but also quite sensitive to various stimuli and hence is affected by emotional stress.
At mind level, we are always faced with negative energy, thoughts and emotions- they start draining away positive healing energy and we get tired, depressed, stressed and exhausted .
At the physical level- our body is overloaded with artificial toxins, and years of wrong eating choices and habits have made our digestive system sluggish and heavy.  We need to go into a proper detox regime- to clean the organs of digestion and elimination.  The right food combination, nutritional supplements, dieting, deep rest- these are the ways to let our body do its own healing.
We assist this process with drinking alkaline water, dieting, exercising, yoga and  massage, hot/cold water therapies.

At the spiritual level, we have developed blockages at various levels. We need to find ourselves again. Our true self must be re-discovered. It is about re connecting with our authentic self. We help you achieve this by letting your mind and body discover the silent force that lies in all of us. Meditation and breathing exercises allow you to listen to your inner self and clear your mind so as to give you all the answers you are looking for.