How Rehab Works

At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary, our goal is to help you get back to your best health and to cure your health problems. We give you assistance so that you regain both your physical and mental well being. Our highly skilled team support you to get control of the struggles which you are currently facing and nothing else is more important to us than applying the most effective techniques to enable your complete and successful recovery.

Our unique secluded environment is the perfect place to make you feel connected to nature, disconnected from stress of the modern, digitized world and you will feel that your mind and body are re-aligning with peace and harmony. Here, you will feel connected to nature, you will hear birds chirping and see brightly colored butterflies fluttering over flowers.

The Process

Treatment Protocol

A complete rehabilitation is prepared during your intake and assessment and our team will design a tailor made treatment for you.

Detox and Clean Up

The first days are for cleaning up the body system and control the withdrawal symptoms with a blend of modern and ancient medical therapies

Re balancing and Brain

Then, we re-balance the brain biochemistry. Neuroscience has shown the role of neurotransmitters in the Addiction and with proper medicines, we restore balance among dopamine-serotonin-noradrenalin. This process controls cravings and relieves the stress and anxiety of withdrawals

Duration of Stay

The longer the patient stays in rehab, the higher the success rates long term. We recommend a minimum stay of one month for effective results. The sooner the treatment is started the better will be the outcome.

Deposits and Payments

• Booking will only be confirmed on receipt of a 50% deposit together with a confirmation email from us.
• Full payment for stays and treatments must be made prior to a client’s arrival, or latest on arrival at Reception.
• Payments can be made on our website via Paypal, or at reception by cash or credit card.

Cancellation Policy

• Any cancellation 7 days prior to arrival will be charged at 100% of the full booking
• Any cancellation 21 days prior to arrival will be charged at 50% of the full booking
• A booking is officially cancelled when a client send a cancellation email to the management and receive a confirmation email from the management.

Arrivals and Departure

• Check-in time is between 09h00 to 14h00.
• Check-out time is not later than 12h00. (Should you wish to remain on the premises after the official check-out time, please make this arrangement at Reception)

Counselling and psychological Therapies

The most important component for long term success in addiction, is the counselling and psychological exploration. It is about making the individual feel strong in himself by improving self-esteem, confidence and the defusing of emotional issues and trauma.

During your stay, we will help you to tap on the remarkable innate capacity of your body to heal itself through a harmonious mixture of different ancient healing systems and modern natural therapies, including:


Foot reflexology




Abdominal detox package

Yoga &Meditation

Cupping & Body Massage



Sauna & Hammam


Because of our ideal location and our position as a leading rehabilitation clinic, we are able to offer affordable pricing to our patients, both in our inpatient and outpatient programs. Very often, we sponsor deserving patients who need a few extra days to recover fully.

Whereas other clinics might accept as many patients as possible, we only allow for 15 patients at any given time or point in the year. You should not have to escape the distractions of home to arrive in a crowded impersonal environment.

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