Co Dependency

Treating Co-depedency with Proven Methods at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary

Co­-dependency is a psychological term used to define a person, condition or a relationship that has harmful levels of dependency and often elements of emotional and psychological abuse. Co­dependency can become dangerous and even life threatening when there is emotional, psychological, or physical abuse present in the relationship.

Therapy for co-dependency at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary

A therapist can help a person identify codependent tendencies. In therapy, a person can learn to recognize and accept emotions they may have repressed. A therapist can also help them understand why codependent patterns developed in their past and how these patterns have transferred to other relationships.

A teen comforts her friend without solving his problems.People with codependency often have low self-esteem and perfectionist tendencies. Learning self-compassion is often an important part of recovery. A person in therapy may practice being kind to themselves and forgiving their own mistakes. Over time, their drive to overcompensate may lessen

A therapist can also help people improve their relationships with others. They may teach the person how to support others without enabling bad behaviors. They might also help the person practice being assertive.

Symptoms of Co­ dependency

Co­dependency can take on many forms, but some symptoms are present in most co­dependents:


    • Avoidance of emotions and problems by focusing on the other person
    • A need to be needed
    • Being unassertive or feeling guilt around being assertive
    • Unable to make decisions
    • Low self­esteem and self­worth
    • Need for perfectionism
    • Places the needs of others in front of their own basic needs
    • Fear of being rejected or abandoned
    • Overly attentive and caring of the other individual
    • Unable to detach emotionally from the relationship
    • Constant approval and gratitude seeking
    • Feelings of distrust towards others outside of the relationship
    • Isolation from healthy relationships
    • Anxiety
    • Depression

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