What Makes Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary Different?

We understand that each patient has a unique genetic package that has given him a distinct biochemistry, metabolism and psychology. His life experience is unique, so are his pains and fears. For this reason, we focus on the individual rather than treating patients in large groups.
We do not take on more than 20 patients at any one time for our entire rehabilitation program. This keeps the personal touch and allows us to make you feel special during each day of your stay with us. Focusing on overcoming your condition will be made very evident upon your first day here.

Our world-class facilities will afford you the space and tranquility you need. The treatment center is situated atop rolling hills overlooking the beautiful island nation of Mauritius; simply being in our clinic’s surroundings will lift your mood and give you hope in your full recovery. Our luxurious hotel amenities paired with our professionally certified medical staff will ensure you can succeed in beating depression for good

Treating Depression with Proven Methods at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary

Are you sensitive to criticism? Do you suffer from persistent periods of low mood? Have you socially withdrawn from others in your surroundings, at work or while studying?

Depression is an equal opportunity epidemic; it does not discriminate any class, income, religion, IQ, race or culture. In fact, The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2030, depression will account for being the highest level of disability of any physical or mental disorder in the world.

Depression can worsen if left untreated. It is therefore vital for the condition to be properly assessed and swift action taken to reverse it. Generally professional treatment is recommended if a depressive condition is severe, chronic, associated with self-harm, or has failed to respond to initial treatment.

If you suffer from symptoms of depression, Sanctuary Mauritius can help. Our tranquil environment in conjunction with proper medication and therapy can produce rapid results that will have you on a path to a brighter future.

Understanding the Signs of Depression

There are several types of life events that can precipitate a depressed mood such as childbirth, unemployment, financial difficulties, work stress, loss of a loved one, jealously, social isolation and others. The underpinnings of depression can sometimes be found in adolescence from social rejection, peer pressure and bullying.

If you suffer from any of the following, you may have symptoms of depression:

            1. Persistent low mood
            2. Social withdrawal.
            3. Withdrawal from work and study.
            4. Irritability and frustration.
            5. Sensitivity to criticism.Insomnia and sleep disturbances.
            6. Loss of interest in once pleasurable activities.
            7. Slowing down of thoughts and actions.
            8. Increased somatic complains – fatigue, pain etc.
            9. Increasing drug and alcohol use.

How Does Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary Treat Depression?

Firstly, we diagnose depression just like any other psychiatric/psychological disorder. The objective here is to properly assess and understand the impacts the disease is having on patients before a thorough path to recovery can be created.

Each individual’s condition is unique to his or her life experiences. We understand that. We assess and treat patients using a unique, customized program that directly addresses the anxieties and mental computations that produced the depression. This is done in a number of ways depending on the severity of the diagnosis.

There are many forms of treatment for depression. By tailoring your recovery to you, we can adjudicate if medication will be required. Additionally, you can expect one-on-one counseling as well as holistic forms of therapy to help shape your mood and give you a new outlook on your life ahead.

Post Treatment with Follow-up and Coaching

We know what causes depression, so we will ensure these matters are addressed and eliminated before you complete the treatment program. Improving your mood is not the only result we wish to achieve – we want a stable rebalance of your brain so that the depression does not return upon experiencing life’s many unavoidable challenges.

Our intention is not only to see your full recovery from depression, but also to ensure your continued stability upon your return home. This is why we provide multiple Skype follow-up calls and coaching after leaving our clinic. Our support doesn’t stop when you leave our doors. We are there for you each step of the way.

Depression doesn’t have to be your way of life. You can overcome your low mood through proper diagnosis and treatment.

Seek help now by contacting us today to find out how we can get you back to your true self.

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