Drug Addiction

Proven Drug Addiction Rehabilitation in Mauritius with a High Success Rate

Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary offers a complete inpatient drug rehab program for patients suffering from all forms of illicit and prescription drug addictions. Our world-class facilities offer the highest possible care and comfort for a full recovery. From our extensive personalized intake assessment, to an integrated follow-up program upon your return home, we will break you free from a life of substance abuse and drug addiction.

Understanding the components of drug addiction and addictive personalities remains the core principle in effective inpatient rehab treatment. Properly identifying and diagnosing the condition is our first step.

Drug addiction is manifested in many ways

At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary, we delve deep into a dual diagnosis: having an addiction problem plus a psychiatric or psychological problem. If the co-existing disease is not treated, patients can quickly relapse due to an effort to relieve the underlying anxiety/depression triggering the addiction.

This approach makes Sanctuary Mauritius unique in its treatment and follow-up care. It isn’t enough to just detoxify the person and expect prolonged results. This is a key reason we see an 85% success rate among our patients.


You find you have to take more drugs to gain the same effect.

Cannot Stop

You have tried to reduce or quit drugs but find you cannot. Short periods of being clean or in control lead to relapses that become progressively worse.

Appearance and Mind

Your mental /physical health is suffering as a result from your addiction


You no longer, or rarely, use drugs socially, preferring instead to use alone, away from others.

Need for it

You choose to buy drugs over basic necessities such as food or paying bills.


You need the drug to function on a daily basis

What to Expect During Our Inpatient Drug Rehab Center in Mauritius

Upon arrival at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary, you can expect to have complete physical and mental assessments by our highly trained team of psychologists, doctors and psychiatrist. Correct diagnosis significantly increases the chances of succeeding in treatment.

We will then customize a program for your specific condition and needs. In many cases, our first steps will be a nutritional approach with high doses of multivitamins to replace vital nutrients in the body and brain that have been drained from years of substance abuse and poor dietary habits.

The next steps involve treating the patient with non-addictive medication to assist in the rebalance of the brain’s chemistry so talk therapies and holistic approaches can be initiated. We find patients become very responsive to this inpatient rehab treatment after the first 10 days working through these steps.

From this, we will then combine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), 12 Steps, meditation, mindfulness, yoga and physical exercise to rapidly produce lasting results the patient can see in short order.

Is the Drug Rehab Program at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary Confidential?

Completely. Whom you choose to inform about your decision and your drug addiction recovery overall is entirely up to you. We will never breach your privacy or confidentiality. We want to ensure you are entirely focused on your recovery and results.

Additionally, we enforce a strict policy of no more than 20 patients at a time. Large groups make it difficult to ensure adequate control and maintain privacy. By keeping the program small, it gives each client a good sense of personal attention, privacy and strict confidentiality.

Is Drug Addiction Treatment Covered by Insurance?

Our center is approved as a rehab facility and holds a clinic license with the Ministry of Health. Hence our treatments are recognized and refunded by most international Health insurance companies. If you are in doubt, do contact our administration office for further clarification.
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