Dual Diagnosis

Affordable Recovery from Co-existing Conditions

Are you suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction? Have you tried rehabilitation but relapsed thereafter? Is it difficult to detach yourself from alcohol or substance abuse after you’ve taken steps to treat the addiction?

People suffering from co-occurring disorders have become a growing population among the drug and alcohol addiction community. It has become more commonplace to see someone suffering from addiction because of a co-occurring, underlying mental illness.

Rehabilitation outcomes for people struggling with addiction are considerably lower if they are also suffering with a mental illness and the mental illness is left untreated. It is necessary to properly diagnose these dual conditions so a proper rehabilitation program can be outlined and followed.
Fortunately at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary, we have a highly qualified team of psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians and counselors to treat patients suffering from co-occurring disorders.

Common Illnesses and Addictions Often Seen in Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It is important to understand that just because someone has not been diagnosed with a mental illness and may not even be presently aware of the condition, it can still exist and be part of the reason the person is struggling with addiction.

These are the common mental illnesses found in patients suffering from a co-occurring disorder:

Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Depression, Schizophrenia, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Bipolar

These are the common addictions found in patients with co-occurring disorders:

Alcoholism, Eating disorders, Heroin addiction, Cocaine addiction, Crystal meth addiction, Methadone addiction, Prescription drug addiction, Recreational substance (club drug) addiction


Challenges in Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis patients suffer from a unique set of challenges and are at a higher risk for suicide if left untreated. The symptoms of a mental illness and an addiction can mimic each other and thereby create confusion in their proper assessment and treatment. A drug addiction can mask a potential mental health problem and thus make it far more debilitating to the individual.

Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Covered by Insurance?

Our center is approved as a Rehab facility and holds a clinic license with the Ministry of Health. Hence, our treatments are recognized and refunded by most international health insurance companies. If you are in doubt, you can contact our administration office for further clarification.

Additionally, we enforce a strict policy of no more than 20 patients at a time. Large groups make it difficult to ensure adequate control and maintain privacy. By keeping the program small, it gives each client a good sense of personal attention, privacy and strict confidentiality.

Full Treatment for Dual Diagnosis Conditions

Studies show that if the mental illness is not treated effectively and concurrently with the addiction, the patient’s chances of lasting recovery are significantly reduced. This is why the first step of any rehab patient at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary is to assess for a co-occurring disorder and properly diagnosis it.

At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary, we offer medically managed drug and alcohol detoxification using the most cutting edge techniques to ensure that your initial detox is as comfortable and as painless as possible. Our facilities are fully equipped to rid your body of the damaging toxins of substance abuse. With professionally certified physicians and specialists by your side, you can be sure your progress will be closely monitored so you get the full benefit of the detox program.

We then follow up with extensive counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness and evidenced-based holistic therapeutic-based practices such as yoga, reiki, meditation and others. We leave no stone unturned in your customized program to a full recovery

Come to Mauritius for Full Rehabilitation

We pride ourselves in our unique, one-of-a-kind program and rehabilitation facilities. Our center is truly unlike any other. We are best positioned to treat your co-occurring condition to full recovery, while affording you a tranquil tropical environment away from the noise and distractions of society.

Our clinic has an 85% success rate. This is due to the many aspects of our 360 degree integrated medicine treatment plan and the powerful therapies we avail you to.

The island of Mauritius is truly an oasis. While the Middle East is sweltering through most months of the year, and Europe freezes, we enjoy a lush tropical rainforest setting with sunshine, warm breezes and picturesque settings as far as the eye can see. According to the World Health Organization, Mauritius sits at #2 for air quality amongst all nations of the world. You are guaranteed a peaceful, clean and healthy experience, allowing you to focus entirely on your full recovery and rehabilitation.

Contact us today to inquire about pricing and how we can get you started on the path to a brighter future.

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