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You don’t really fit in any of our programs ? You have different needs and expectations ? Your goals may be different ? Your time factor may be too short ? or you wish to stay a couple of months or longer  with us ?

No need to worry, we can tailor make your program to suit your level of fitness, your lifestyle, your goals and priorities.

We shall reassess your whole health situation, and formulate the best possible program for you for the time you wish to spend with us, and we shall also take your budget in consideration to give you the best value- for -money health retreat .


Guests come to us from all over the world- with serious diseases like cancer, cardiovascular problems, degenerative conditions- and we work out their health retreat in a way that benefits them immediately and in the long term. Based on our unique life force principle developed by Dr Siddick maudarbocus, we shall give you the best of east=west medical knowledge, together with sound nutrition and physical therapies- this will transform your life and make you rediscover a new healthy you.

You may contact us to discuss your specific needs /condition/aims. All in full confidentiality.