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The Life Force Principle


We believe that you have the power to heal yourself. All you need is guidance. Within the relaxing setting of our island sanctuary, we’ve helped hundreds of patients down the path of self-healing with our unique methodology, the Life Force Principle. Developed by Dr. Siddick Maudarbocus after 35 years of medical practice and research in the field of western and alternative medicine, this revolutionary approach connects you to the vital energy which rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit.

Designed for immediate results and practicality, the Life Force Principle condenses the philosophies of various healing systems into three main pillars essential to a healthy and empowered life:

  1. A positive mind, rid of stress and in control of emotions  
  2. A healthy body fuelled by the right foods and maintained with Physical Activity  
  3. An awareness of our interconnectedness with all things around us

All of what we do at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary focuses on these three elements. Even when you leave the sanctuary, our tips and techniques ensure that your lifeforce stays at a level that guarantees good health and wellbeing.

What is life force

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” Carl Sagan, Astronomer, Scientist, Astrophysicist, Cosmologist, and Astrobiologist.

The theory that we are all made of cosmic dust is now widely accepted by the scientific community. But this knowledge is not new. Our intimate connection with the Universe and cosmic energy was preached by Eastern sages for millennia.

In India, the ancient Upanishads spoke of Prana. In China, sages and doctors spoke of Chi, and in Japan, the correct flow of Ki was considered essential to good health.

Though the geography and the words changed, they all reflect a link to the universe, the interconnectedness of all things, a “lifeforce” which flows within us all.

“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.” Jalaluddin Mevlana Rumi, Sufi mystic.

At Les Mariannes Wellness Centre, we follow in the footsteps of these ancient sages and improve on their methodology using the power of 21st-century technology, and the knowledge of modern medicine to re-balance your life force and teach you ways to lead a better and healthier life.

Les Mariannes Fountain

Detox Therapies


To achieve optimum health,  detoxing  the mind and body is crucial. At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary, our practitioners will free you of impurities accumulated over years of bad eating, toxin abuse and negative emotions. Focused on rebalancing your mind, body and spirit, and taking your needs into consideration, any of the following activities and treatments  may be prescribed

  1. Ayurvedic Healing ( Including Shirodhara therapy,Marma point massage, Ayurveda massage , full dietary recommendations according to your body type or doshas)  
  2. Yoga therapy:  Body mind coordination with specific body postures,  Pranayama breathing techniques. Relaxing tense muscles and breathing in mountain pure air to reach every cell in your body.
  3. Biofeedback and Neurofeedback scan – to identify present health issues and help you to correct your diet and lifestyle to stay in peak condition.
  4. Acupuncture:  Ideal to bring balance to the body and mind  and very effective in pain management for headaches, migraines, neck and back pains, sports injuries, and more.
  5. Reiki: rebalances the body’s innate energy levels
  6. Reflexology and acupressure:  similar benefits to acupuncture but  without needles.
  7. Counselling: Provided by our team of psychologists and psychiatrists to address major emotional and behavioral issues.
  8. Physical therapies- fitness training, nature walks, Sauna, Hammam, Jacuzzi, FIR (far
    infrared) detox.

Eating for health

At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary, we believe that a balanced diet is the foundation of good health. As such, our team of doctors and nutritionists will help create the ideal diet for your health needs. Our special science of eating is in tune with nature’s cycles and your body rhythms. We shall share with you what we practice so that you can apply these principles to your daily life. All ingredients used in our sanctuary are sourced from certified organic farmers or taken from our herb and vegetable garden. Free from chemicals, kissed by the sun, and bursting with vitamins and minerals, every meal served in our restaurant is a blessing on a plate.

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Rest - Work -Play balance

The Rest- Work-Play- Balance component of our therapy balances your mind and body through the practice of physical exercise, yoga, and meditation. In the breathtaking outdoor setting of Les Mariannes, our yoga instructors will teach you the asanas (poses) most adapted for your skill level and health requirements, and impart meditation and mindfulness skills to help quieten your mind to connect with your authentic self. Upon request, we provide personal trainers to help you devise a custom fitness program to help bring your body back to full strength.

rest work play balance