Prescription Drug Addiction

Set Yourself Free From Prescription Drug Addiction Forever

Prescription drug addiction can be insidiously harmful to one’s physical and mental health. Finding relief from the desire to take more and more medication in an effort to drown out life’s anxieties and pressures can be very difficult.

Fortunately, at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary we offer a complete prescription drug rehab program tailored to your particular addiction condition. Our counselors have worked with hundreds of prescription drug cases and have a successful track record in rehabilitation.

The Most Common Addictive Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug addiction and addiction to over-the-counter medicines are on the rise. Individuals fall victim to the false belief that just because a drug is prescribed or legally purchased, it isn’t harmful or a real addiction. The truth is that prescription drug addiction can be just as devastating.

The effects on the body act as an additional element to the addiction. At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary, we can treat addiction to all forms of prescription drugs. Through our uniquely customized rehab program, we are able to alleviate the physical and mental compulsions to continue taking prescription drugs – and thereby prevent future relapse.

Common examples of addictive prescription drugs are:






Sleeping pills

Addressing and Eradicating Prescription Drug Addiction

We address your addiction through an integrated multi-discipline medical and holistic healing approach. We apply the most effective, proven techniques from Western practices such as 12 Steps and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) while also addressing the physical aspects of withdrawal and healing through regular physical fitness routines, yoga, reiki, massage and more.

Our prescription drug rehab program is dynamic and engaging. Our counselors, medical staff and trained technicians will be with you each step of the way to ensure your success. Through our evidence-based techniques and practices, you will see results within days and will inevitably feel the motivation to continue to full addiction recovery.

What Makes Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary Different?

We are a long-standing medical rehab center, certified by the Mauritian Department of Health

At Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuarys we take a unique approach to inpatient prescription drug treatment and rehabilitation. We understand that addiction is a highly personal issue – and that no two addicts are similar. Each client has a unique genetic package that has given him a distinct biochemistry, metabolism and psychology. His life experience, his pains and his fear are not identical to any other patient. For this reason, each prescription treatment plan must be highly customized to the patient before effective withdrawal and full recovery can occur.

Additionally, at Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary we have a strict policy of allowing a maximum of 20 patients at a time. Large groups tend to break apart into smaller groups based on beliefs, race and personal biases. By keeping the program small, we are able to offer extensive personal care and attention to you throughout your entire prescription drug rehabilitation program.

Preventing Relapse

One of the biggest concerns of any prescription drug rehab program is relapse. Falling back into life’s temptations is far easier said than done. Our team ensures you succeed within and beyond our prescription drug rehab program. If you require medication, you will be provided with the necessary regimen to ensure your continued success upon your return home.

For additional aftercare, we provide up to four Skype calls so you are continuing with a drug-free lifestyle. Not only will you leave Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary with a renewed outlook on life and your personal goals, but also you will have the tools and means necessary to ensure you do not relapse in the future. Our aftercare and follow-up are a critical part of our success rate.

Is Prescription Drug Treatment Covered by Insurance?

Our center is approved as a rehab facility and holds a clinic license with the Ministry of Health. Hence our treatments are recognized and refunded by most international Health insurance companies. If you are in doubt, do contact our administration office for further clarification.
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