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Yoga retreat in mauritius

Yoga Retreat In Mauritius

Nowadays, Yoga is the most widely accepted ancient healing practice. We are delighted to see millions of people introduced to this timeless art in gym’s around the world, and yet, we are dismayed that many are not teaching Yoga in its truest form. Yoga is not a fad. It is not a new way of keeping fit. It is not something to brag about.

Instead, Yoga is virtuous and pure. It is a philosophy; a personal journey one takes to find their true self, and a way to connect with the universal life force and feel at one with it.

Drawing from the asanas (poses) in different schools of yoga, our practitioners will create a tailor-made program aligned with your life force which you can practice even after leaving the sanctuary.


Ayurveda is the Sacred Knowledge of Life. Developed over millennia, it is a complete philosophy regarding health and wellbeing, and its health benefits are backed by scientific evidence.
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Meditation and Mindfulness

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Stress is now widely recognized as a major cause of disease including heart attacks, obesity, migraine, asthma, and cancer. Unfortunately, our fast-paced lives expose us to stress on a daily basis and without a proper way to cope, many find temporary relief in harmful practices such as smoking, drug abuse, overeating and work addiction.  If you find yourself in this situation, you have the means to break the cycle. 
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