Our Specialization

Wide range of rehab and wellness programs

Holistic & Medical

Ayurveda, acupuncture, auricular therapy, Bio energy, TCM, herbal, hydrotherapy,  yoga and meditation, mindfulness, Reiki,  Shiatsu, reflexology

Dual Diagnosis

We have a highly qualified team of psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians and counselors to treat patients suffering from co-occurring disorders.

Cognitive behavioral Therapy

CBT is a mental therapy aimed at altering the thought patterns in a patient so he rebalances his way of thinking

12 Steps Program

Addresses the emotional obsessions in an individual’s thinking that cause him to repeat compulsive behavior and addictive tendencies.

Personalized Treatment

We design specific treatment based on your specific case. Our expert analyses what’s best for your conditions and advises on best method

On Going Care

We follow up on you even when you have finished your treatment. Our treatment follows you in your next step to heal

Our Sanctuary

The unique secluded environment of Les Mariannes is the perfect place

Overlooking the panoramic northern coastline of Mauritius, Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary is a unique wellness sanctuary with a vital mission of empowering individuals to tap on their inner healing energy, using a blend of modern and natural healing techniques.

The Founder

Dr Siddick Maudarbocus

Our founder and director is an outstanding doctor – Dr. Siddick Maudarbocus, born in Mauritius, educated in Ireland and England – worked and studied in several countries – UK, France, Africa, Sri Lanka, China.

Dr. SIddick Maudarbocus - Psychiatrist in Mauritius


I have just spent seven days at Les Mariannes and this is by far, the bets retreat i have ever done in my life. The results are amazing in such a short time, the food is fantastic, and the friendly caring staff makes you feel like part of a big family

Alyssandra SnowsEx Miss Germany, now Hollywood Model

I gave up hope on my son who was addicted to Lyrica, Xanax and weed. We tried two rehab clinics before with no success. Coming here to Mauritius was the best decision we made. 8 weeks at the sanctuary and he changed completely. He started praying, doing sports and decided to resume his university studies. Dr. Siddick and his team are genuine people, blessed with a lot of knowledge and patience

Saudi Father

This place changed me completely

US Model

A life changing experience

British Musician

Patients Testimonials

We have hundreds of testimonials, we want to share just a few

4 weeks at your clinic changed my life. After years of drug abuse, I tried clinics in Europe without much success. I always relapsed. Your medical detox and rehab program is one of the best in the world

SH Saudi

Our son has been saved at last. After years of taking drugs we had lost all hope to help him. A 4 week program at the clinic got him out of drugs and now he has resumed his work normally

AD Mauritius

I was completely destroyed by my addiction to alcohol. I was lucky to come to Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary. I  stopped drinking, lost excess weight, cured my blood pressure-and now 2 years later, I have not touched one drop alcohol

FV Seychelles

I was hooked on heroin, alcohol and sleeping tablets. My health and work suffered badly. This was my last chance to escape this hell. The treatments are amazing, the people are so good and caring. The place itself is like a piece of heaven.I am now over one year free from all addictions and I am fully in control of my life again. Thank you.

Businessman Kuwait

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